Yahoo! is a web service provider company originated in America. It was a pioneer of the early internet era in 1990s. Yet it is one of the top search engines globally. It holds a market share of 2% on average which stays in third place ranking among top search engines. This popular search engine was exclusively powered by Bing during October 2011 till 2015. In October 2015, Yahoo agreed with Google to provide services in relation with search and in 2018 Yahoo search engine results was powered by both Google and Bing up to October 2019. Since then, it is again provided exclusively by Bing search engine.

Despite being the Firefox browser’s default search engine since 2014, it has not rated more than third rank among search engines popularity. Even its web portal’s popularity has been ranked as the 11 most visited website according to Alexa. The other high ranked search engines are Baidu (China), Yandex, Duckduckgo, Ask and AOL.

In Yahoo, like other search engines, the free query custom search is limited. Hence a SEO specialist, digital marketing expert, webmaster and web developer would not be able to operate with this limit. Not only due to the limited number of queries, but also because they do not provide the details needed to be studied statistically. To foster innovation in search industry, ALL-SERP has developed its ALL-SERP Yahoo SERP API.

Let us initially find out what SERP stands for! A search process in a search engine begings with the user’s typing a string query in the search engine box. Then it performs the search and displays the results in a page, containing a set of results each set including a title, a brief summary of the text containing the searched query and the link to the website. These pages are called Search Engine Result Page which can be summarized to SERPs. The higher a website appears in SERP, the more credit and visit it will have. Accordingly, a major target of a SEO strategy is to assist website owner to get a higher rank.

On the other hand, API or Application Programming Interface is a product to foster search process. Web developers, start-ups and digital marketing companies can benefit from ALL-SERP SERP API to create web-scale search products which apply Yahoo search and Yahoo data. Making a combination of one’s unique assets and ideas with Yahoo SERP API, the company can build themselves an innovative experience which makes their users delighted!

Significantly can be said, Yahoo SERP API operates real-time. The area’s specialists require data of domain analysis and query searches for their approaches and steps to be taken. They need this data to be valid and accurate as many of their products and results depend on them. The more accurate the data, the better quality would the web-scale products and services have. Another point is that doing single searches for a huge volume of data is impossible. As it would be time and energy consuming which makes it so. ALL-SERP Yahoo SERP API does this service, with the aid of its IT and SEO specialists perfectly, accurately and promptly. Considering the fact that Yahoo benefits from a huge database and a well-known trademark, its output data can play a key role in consequent services and products. The SERP API results can include search string (query), geographic position, localization, search type, and many more which can be scraped by this service.

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Yahoo SERP API, a basic need!

Technology progresses nowadays have affected the world greatly in a way that information technology advances have eliminated country boundaries. The world has been turned into a global village, in which every business and company’s first priority changes into customer satisfaction. That is any website owner tends to collect as much beneficial and relative data. When similar services appear, all the vital data necessary for the man utilization are easily provided.

Yahoo SERP API works as a perfect structure in which short queries would be replied briefly in a matter of moments. This service extracts, scrapes and makes the data sensible. Applying Yahoo SERP API service allows scraping results from Yahoo search engine. The parameters which may be scrapped include:

This service enables users to scrape not only the normal but also all types of search results, it is also usable for data which are related to the local pack. Similarly, this interface scrapes, extracts and makes sense of the data delivered in an organic search result. The information is precious as empowers specialists to discover what approaches to take in their services or products.

ALL-SERP Yahoo SERP API brings together the rich data base of Yahoo search engine with brilliant skill and knowledge of ALL-SERP to overcome the classic limits and provide experts deep and wide search results in Yahoo search engine. In ALL-SERP quality is never traded for price. The ALL-SERP Yahoo SERP API service is provided in competitive price with best performance ever!

Globally, many users need to get access to data more complicated than a search engine ever offers. Depending on the business type one may require performing thousands of searches in a specific period of time, which is impossible with the limited number of queries that a search engine supports. Accordingly, ALL-SERP Yahoo SERP API helps:

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A brilliant approach to invaluable database

No one can neglect the competitive context of today’s world. Accordingly, the more facilitated and organized a company becomes, the better service they can offer to their customers and attain more competitive advantage. ALL-SERP Yahoo SERP API can give you a brilliant competitive advantage which may not be easily achieved through common methods. ALL-SERP also offers the similar service for the following search engines:

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ALL-SERP is one of the Digital Marketing and IT pioneers providing a wide range of services to its customers. SERP API is one of our novel services which have been greatly welcomed by our customers worldwide. In ALL-SERP we value our customers and respect them as our only real property.

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