What is a SERP snippet?

SERP snippet is a box which highlights the important pieces of information related to your search query in a website. SERP snippet finds the main sentence or paragraph in answer of your question or key word and shows it in a certain large or small box. SERP snippet or Google snippet is a kind of instant and short answer to your search query. When you are in a hurry and need the response of a question rapidly, SERP snippet can help you. The snippet usually consists of the title of the website, a short text preview and the URL.

SERP features

SERP or search engine results pages are the web pages demonstrated after searching a key word in Google, Yahoo or other search engines. SERP snippet is one of the important SERP features of Google. SERP features are any other data rather than the website links demonstrated. When you search a key word, 10 website links are showed as organic results. Other demonstrated elements like advertisements are known as SERP features. SERP snippet is also a kind of SERP feature giving short response to users’ queries and questions. Some of the most famous SERP features are as follow:

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