What is a SERP position?

A SERP position is the place of a website in Google or other search engine results pages (SERPs). Your website can be among the ten first websites demonstrated in the first page of Google SERP or it may be in other pages of Google SERP with lower ranking! Everything depends on the quality of your website. Websites are arranged based on their rankings in Google or other search engine SERPs. It means that the first website you see on the top of the first page of Google SERP has the highest quality and the highest ranking based on Google algorithms. The second mentioned website has lower ranking than the first one and so on. The results on the first page of Google get the most of clicks while the results in other pages of SERP do not. This is why SERP position has become a significant element and website owners and SEO teams look for new methods of improving SERP position every day and minute. If you also like to improve your website ranking and SERP position, read the next part of this article which consists some important and necessary points on how to improve a website SERP position fast.

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How to improve a website SERP position?

Different features of a website have effect on its ranking and its SERP position. First of all the quality of a website content is very important. What you publish from text to images and videos influence the ranking of your website and SERP position. While original, relevant and organic content that you yourself have produced have great effect on website and SERP position improvement, copy and paste data can be dangerous and harmful for your website ranking and SERP position. Google and other search engines carefully check whatever has been published in your website. Concentrating only on text with no or low number of images and videos make the website boring for the user. Never forget to add high quality and relevant photos and videos. However be careful not to download other website’s files and upload them in you website! Google is SMART and detect copied content fast! Create more backlinks in your website. Review and update metadata. Find the best keywords and use them in your website texts smartly. Pay attention to your website design and form. Never forget to update your website content. Regularly update the content to add new and relevant data. Explain your website image and video media using alt tags. It is recommended to answer frequently asked questions on key pages of your website. Create easy to read pages which are also mobile friendly as many of users enter a website through cellphone. Analyze and understand where your traffic comes from to improve the other weak points. Page load speed is also one of the important factors affect the user decision to remain in your website or simply leave the page. The faster your website loading speed is, the more likely users remain in your website and read it.

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