What is a SERP and how does it work?

SERPs (search engine results pages) are the web pages displayed when the user searches a key word in search engines. In other words they are the web pages demonstrated in response to a search query. If you search a word or phrase in Google or other search engines, the result is shown in some web pages which are called SERPs. These pages contain the websites with relevant data and information. For instance search any keyword you like in Google. What is shown to you? Yes there are many web pages with almost ten websites in each web page. These web pages are SERPs and the websites have relevant information to what you have searched. SERP has made the process of searching in search engines easier, more structured and to the point. It is the best strategy of showing search results to the users which removes any disorganization and limitation. The user can simply find the best website with relevant data to his search and as the websites are mentioned based on rankings, he knows that the higher the ranking of a website is, the more likely it has the relevant information.

Website ranking in SERP

Websites are shown in SERPs based on their rankings. It means that the website with the highest ranking is mentioned as the first website of SERP. The second has lower ranking rate and so on. It means that 10 websites located in the first page of SERP have the highest rankings in comparison with the websites located in other pages of SERPs. Google and other search engines have many rules to determine the ranking of websites. Website content, the number of websites that link back to the site as a reputable source of information, the quality of backlinks, SEO, website design and appearance, mobile friendliness and etc. The higher the ranking of a website in SERP is, the more the possibility of clicking has become. Most of users click on the first appeared website in SERPs and even there is a huge difference between the numbers of clicking of the first website with the second one.

SERP scraping

SERP scraping is the process of mining search engine results pages to extract the data that the user need. You may need the data related to a specific key word. Manual SERP scraping is limited because after a few number of searches, the search engine restricts you and blocks you. Also manual SERP scraping is a time consuming process which lasts a long time. Instead there are online and automatic SERP scrapers or SERP APIs through which extracting data from search engines is an easy and comfortable process. All-SERP is one of these SERP APIs or it is better to say that it is the best SERP API of the market through which SERP scraping is possible in minutes and with no latency. It solves all Captchas and removes any limitation in seconds to provide high quality and accurate results for the users.

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