What are the two type of results you can find on SERP?

Organic and paid data are the two main types of results found on web pages after searching a key word in Google search engine. The website links you see after searching a word or phrase in google are known as organic results which are demonstrated based on website rankings. It means that the highest ranking website is seen at the top of the first page of SERP (search engine results pages) and the other websites has lower rankings. SEO (search engine optimization) experts every day are looking for new strategies to find out the newest algorithms of Google search engine that are used for ranking of websites. Google updates its ranking algorithms permanently and it is important to find them on time for improving your website ranking. Advertisers pay money to show their products and services in the first page of Google SERPs that are known as paid results. Previously paid results and ads were mostly shown in small boxes while today various formats and forms of ads are used in Google to encourage readers for more click and website check.

Paid results mostly are shown in transactional searches!

The users of transactional searches have commercial intent. They look for a product or service in their country or globally. Usually these searches include the word of buy, purchase, import, export and so on like apple import or chemical purchase. This is the best time to advertise your product or service. Paid results of Google lead the buyers and importers to a certain product or service. Many web pages which do not have a good ranking and are not mentioned at the first page of SERP can be demonstrated to millions of people through Google ads. Many of people still do not pay attention whether they are clicking on an organic results or they are entering a paid website! If you are in search of organic data, check the website link before opening, if you see the word “add” beside the name of the website, it means that it is not an organic data. Navigational and informational queries are the best place for demonstrating organic results. Advertisements are seen less in informational and navigational searches.

Drive traffic to your site through paid results!

There are many items that affect the ranking of a website including website’s content, loading speed, mobile friendliness, design and color, quality of videos and images, quality of backlinks, keywords, and so many other important issues. Nowadays any website owner who is in search of website improvement hires SEO specialist and if he is in a hurry and wants a fast improvement, he can use Google ads. Google advertisements let your website to be seen and clicked by many and even millions of people across the globe even if your website does not cover the rules perfectly. Google ads is a shortcut to site success. However, it is better not to forget improving the website in terms of quality as it is the best and the most persistent strategy.

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