What are SERP features?

SERP features are some elements demonstrated on the first page of Google SERP other than the 10 website links. Featured snippet, ads, instant answers, top stories, knowledge graphs, shopping data, and local information are some of the SERP features. If a search engine or Google does not have any SERP feature, an empty page with just 10 website links is demonstrated to the user after a search query. It is worth mentioning that less than 3% of Google’s first page results are without any SERP features. So it is very unlikely to see no SERP feature in Google search queries. Let’s take a deeper look at what SERP features are exactly. In next parts, some of the most important SERP features are introduced.

Featured snippets

To quickly and immediately answer the question of users, featured snippets are designed and created. They are some boxes demonstrated at the top of Google SERP which mostly contain lists, definitions, tables, and steps. The content that you see inside of featured snippets is automatically pulled from web pages in Google's index.

Twitter Cards

If you search something in Google that many people have already talked about it in Twitter, a Twitter card is shown to you.

All-SERP features

All-SERP services are faster than similar tools as they use the latest algorithms and technologies of data extraction updated daily. All-SERP guarantees to provide accurate and reliable information. It both provides organic and paid results. Solving Captchas and handling proxies are the main features of All-SERP. It supports all languages and countries. This is a simple to use SERP API with no pause and break. A clear, mobile friendly and easy to use website has helped the users of All-SERP to meet their requirements fast and enjoy this high speed process. It is worth mentioning that all programing languages are supported in All-SERP.


Google usually shows advertisements at two parts of SERP. Some of the ads are showed at the top of the SERP and others are demonstrated at the bottom. The advertisements are shown above the organic results. Many people do not pay attention and click on the first link they see which may be an advertisement! If you see the word of “ad” written beside the link of the website, it means that this website is an advertisement and paid result- not an organic one.

People Also Ask Boxes

As the name suggests, this part shows the frequently asked questions of users. These questions are relevant to what the user have searched. By clicking these questions it is expanded and the user can see the answer to this question in a short one or two paragraph. This is created to reply the users’ questions rapidly with no need to click on any link and enter a website.

Local data box

The local box is demonstrated at the top of the first page of SERP. It contains the information related to your area ad location. If you search the key word of “restaurant” in Google, usually the local pack contains the websites of restaurants in your city and country.

Knowledge graphs

The data related to a certain person, company or entity is shown in knowledge graphs which are demonstrated in the right part of Google SERP.

Top stories

Google keeps track of trending stories and finds out when a search query matches a story. Then the stories are shown at the top of the first page of SERP.

Image pack

If you search a phrase like “dog images”, Google understand your query and shows a box of relevant images at the top of first page of SERP.

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