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Needless to define what is Google!? Anyone who uses the internet is familiar with the most popular and most powerful search engine of the market: Google! and need to Google Search Scraper for scrape results from google in bulk mode.

Google is an American provider of internet-related services. Not only a powerful search engine but also many other services including online advertising technologies, cloud computing, software, and hardware are the expertise of Google.

You may ask why Google has become the dominant search engine of the market. Among many reasons effective in popularity of Google, the bellow ones are more significant:

The bellow picture shows that 94% of all searches happen on Google property on second quarter of 2019.

How to scrape Google search results?

With Google being the best search engine of the market, it makes sense that companies and businesses apply this platform to reach their target audiences.

Google search scraper is a useful data scraper, also called web scraper or a content scraper tool to crawl Google search results, eliminate any limitation and provide an unlimited amount of data.

It is a fast and very helpful tool to capture Google search results.

Many people may search and scrape Google manually which is not time effective and is a boring and tedious process. Instead you can ask a Google search scraper to search and scrape Google in the shortest possible time.

But remember that not all search engine APIs are helpful! Many free Google search scrapers encourage developers but the result is embarrassing! Inaccurate and inauthentic results have no value even if be found in one second and free!

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Google search scraper also known as Google search API tool is designed professionally by All-SERP to:

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