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Google Search API is at Your Disposal by All-SERP

Application Programming Interface (API) is used to make connection between applications. Communication between programs is not possible without API. An API sends any request for data to the operating system and then delivers its reply back to the sender.

For example, when you copy data in one software and paste it in another one, API performs it. Imagine you copy a text in a Word file and then paste it in Photoshop, this is done with the help of API.

It has made a safe connection between these two softwares: Word and Photoshop. Without API, Photoshop cannot read the information you had copied in Word.

In other words, API permits two programs to talk with each other! It is the mutual language of applications! When you send a message to your friend through Telegram, you are using an API.

When you search a certain word in Google, an API transfers your message to Google and makes it readable for Google. The result also is sent to you with the help of an API.

Another example is when you search your destination in Google map. What you are looking for is sent through an API to the map and the various and best ways to your destination are shown on the map, again with the help of APIs.

API helps you to sign in your email, sign out of your Facebook account or sign up in LinkedIn! Communication between different programs and between you and any application is not possible without API.

Different types of APIs are as follow:

  • web service
  • hardware
  • operating systems
  • data structures
  • programmatic interfaces
  • and etc.

Programmers are always looking for good and appropriate APIs as the building blocks of software to develop a program faster and easier.

Good and appropriate APIs make the process of program creation simpler as it provides all the required building blocks for software creation. In this article, one of the best and high quality API providers of the market is introduced. If you are interested, do not lose this article!

What does All-SERP do?

All-SERP allows you to scrape the results from different top search engines:

  • Google search API
  • Yahoo search API
  • Bing search API
  • DuckDuckGo search API
  • Ask search API

One of the best and almost the most famous services of All-SERP is Google serp API which is well described in next parts of this article.

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Google: the best forever!

Google is a famous provider of services related mainly to the internet. It was established on 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in USA.

In less than 23 years, Google has become the authority among various search engines and surpasses Yahoo, Bing and others.

Almost all internet users across the globe have tried Google, even the ones in Russia where Yandex is a leading search engine.

Google is a good online search place where you can find any information you need including webpages, images, videos, news, books, translations, maps and etc.

No difference whether the user needs some information about how to keep a plant that recently has been bought or a highly professional article about neurology!

Google is the most comprehensive source of data worldwide which is available for the whole world as soon as being connected to the internet.

The necessity and significance of Google is a common knowledge and obvious for all.

All people at any age from kids to adults, with any level of education and in any country and city of the world can benefit from Google. Google can be described as an unlimited source of online information!

As far as you search a simple word, sentence or phrase, all websites that has related information to your search are appeared fast, arranged from the highest ranking website based on Google algorithms on the top of the first page of Google SERP to the lower ranked sites simultaneously mentioned after that.

Reliable Google search APIs by All-SERP

  • Genuine result: Our Google SERP API mimics exactly what a human does. You can be sure what is demonstrated is what the real user sees.
  • No latency: All-SERP shows the Google search APIs in only two seconds.
  • CAPTCHA solving procedure: Google search API solves all CAPTCHAs to ensure the correctness of results.
  • Unlimited Google searches: All-SERP allows users to perform unlimited Google searches without any restriction.
  • Reliable data: all provided Google search APIs are true and verified.
  • Bulk SERP API: you can put your high volume requests in a Google spreadsheet file and use it to send the bulk requests to our API.
  • Supports multiple programming languages: our Google search API supports different programming languages and formats including:
    • Javascript google SERP api
    • Python google SERP api
    • Php google SERP api
    • C# google SERP api
    • Java google SERP api
    • Ruby google SERP api
    • Go google SERP api
    • C google SERP api
    • Ocalm google SERP api
    • ObjectiveC google SERP api

Various pricing plans for All-SERP users are ready!

All-SERP allows users to choose one of the three main packages at different rates available in All-SERP after signing up.

  • Personal: this pricing plan contains 25 requests in Google and Bing per month free of charge. It is a good opportunity for newcomers to try and test the quality of our Google search API and Bing search API. Also, it is a valuable option for old customers. It means that every month you can enjoy 25 free requests.
  • Small team: this plan allows 5000 searches per month for only 29.9$ and supports:
    • Google search API
    • Yahoo search API
    • Bing search API
    • DuckDuckGo search API
    • Ask search API
  • Enterprise: 15000 requests per month are available for users who are more active. They only need to pay 99.9$ per month to use the following services:
    • Google search API
    • Yahoo search API
    • Bing search API
    • DuckDuckGo search API
    • Ask search API

Sign up today, All-SERP is ready to help!

Scrape Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Duckduckgo and Yandex search results from the fast, easy, and scalable API of All-SERP.

Google’s quality results for every kind of search and its great algorithms for ranking websites help us to get the best of search results, mostly better than other similar search engines.

This encourages many people to be willing to scrape Google results which can be limited and restricted by Google.  No problem, our Google search API would allow you to access the required information without having to write any script to scrape the results page of a Google search.

Our Google search API is fast, reliable, easy to work with and affordable. All these features have helped All-SERP to have more and more clients across the globe.

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The Best Google Search Scraper Is Very Near You!

Needless to define what is Google!? Anyone who uses the internet is familiar with the most popular and most powerful search engine of the market: Google! and need to Google Search Scraper for scrape results from google in bulk mode.

Google is an American provider of internet-related services. Not only a powerful search engine but also many other services including online advertising technologies, cloud computing, software, and hardware are the expertise of Google.

You may ask why Google has become the dominant search engine of the market. Among many reasons effective in popularity of Google, the bellow ones are more significant:

  • It figures out the user’s intention and uses the best updated Google algorithms to show the most related and higher quality results to the user mainly to satisfy users. Employees’ wants and expectation really matter for Google.
  • Google is constantly updating its search algorithms to match itself with current requirements and any change in habits of users.
  • It can perfectly calculate the relevance of any website according to the number of pages and links pointing back to the original site.
  • Google has provided the best and most powerful video search engine of the market: YouTube!
  • It has an effective Google image search engine designed on 2001 to find and retrieve image content. Based on search queries, it can detect, interpret, and assign images for the user.
  • Google results can be prepared based on geographical proximity of where the search took place.
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The bellow picture shows that 94% of all searches happen on Google property on second quarter of 2019.

How to scrape Google search results?

With Google being the best search engine of the market, it makes sense that companies and businesses apply this platform to reach their target audiences.

Google search scraper is a useful data scraper, also called web scraper or a content scraper tool to crawl Google search results, eliminate any limitation and provide an unlimited amount of data.

It is a fast and very helpful tool to capture Google search results.

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Many people may search and scrape Google manually which is not time effective and is a boring and tedious process. Instead you can ask a Google search scraper to search and scrape Google in the shortest possible time.

But remember that not all search engine APIs are helpful! Many free Google search scrapers encourage developers but the result is embarrassing! Inaccurate and inauthentic results have no value even if be found in one second and free!

All-SERP is your constant friend in Google SERP scraping!

Google search scraper also known as Google search API tool is designed professionally by All-SERP to:

  • crawl Google search results faster than any similar web scraper
  • capture Google search results unlimitedly
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How does our Google search scraper defeat similar web scrapers?

  • Our Google search scraper provides the result rapidly and in real time without any latency.  
  • All-SERP’s Google search scraper solves all captchas including images and recaptcha perfectly and fast to get information in the shortest possible time.   
  • Our Google search scraper supports a distributed smart adaptive IP rotation using machine learning methods.
  • All-SERP’s Google search scraper rotates all requests with distributed hardware-based rotations on packet-level to avoid any blocking challenges.
  • Our  Google search scraper supports multiple programing languages including:
  1. Google search scraper python
  2. Google search API Javascript
  3. Google search API PHP
  4. Google search API c#
  5. Google search API Java
  6. Google search API Ruby
  7. Google search API go
  8. Google search API c
  9. Google search API Ocaml
  10. Google search API ObjectiveC
  • It is a great bulk Google search scraper, lets users to put high volume requests in a spreadsheet file and use it to send the bulk requests to All-SERP’s API.
  • Moreover, as mentioned before, All-SERP allows users to search and scrape other search engines like Yahoo, Ask, Bing, Duckduckgo and Yandex search results from a fast, easy, and scalable API. Other various services of All-SERP are:
  1. Bing search API: Bing SERP scraping is available for you simply and promptly.  Bing search engine is operated by Microsoft. It is worth mentioning that according to WordStream, almost half of the US searches is done through Bing! Nowadays 36% of the US desktop search market is done with the help of Bing search engine!
  2. DuckDuckGo search API: if you look for a DuckDuckGo online web scraper, All-SERP has provided a professional one! DuckDuckGo expertise is to protect searchers’ privacy to the extent that you can see the following sentences on the home page of DuckDuckGo “Tired of being tracked online? We can help.” It adds “We don’t store your personal information. Ever.”
  3. Yandex search API: Yandex is the most used search engine in Russia (usually more than Google!). Moreover it is used extremely in some other countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey. Yandex online web scraper is one of our well-known tools, used by many users worldwide.
  4. Ask search API: as its name suggests is a database for asking questions and getting responses fast! It is a question answering–focused e-business. All-SERP lets you search and scrape results from its fast, easy, and scalable API, the quickest and the least restricted way for Ask SERP scraping.
  5. Yahoo search API: Yahoo is an American web service and one of the pioneers in search engines but is not as famous as before. However still it has many advocates. All-SERP has created Yahoo SERP API for SERP scraping which is fast, trustful and cost effective.
  • All-SERP has removed any limitation in Google scraping. 
  • All-SERP scrapes Google search results into Google sheets.

The highest quality of Google scraping at Lowest Prices

Our Google search scraper as well as other online web scrapers of All-SERP, all have provided precise and high quality results. Moreover, to help newcomers and respect all old and new clients, we tend to lower SERP scraping prices.

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All services of All-SERP (Google search scraper, Yahoo search API, Bing search API, DuckDuckGo search API, Ask search API, and Yandex search API) are available at best rates. You can select any of the following pricing plans:

  • Personal SERP scraping: this pricing plan is free of charge! It allows users to search and scrape 25 requests monthly for free in below services:
  1. Google search scraper
  2. Bing online web scraper
  • Small team SERP scraping: by paying only 29,9$, user can search and scrape 5,000 request in all bellow professional services of All-SERP:
  1. Google search scraper
  2. Yahoo search API
  3. Bing search API
  4. Yandex search API
  5. Ask search API
  6. DuckDuckGo search API
  • Enterprise SERP scraping: this plan lets users to use all bellow services for 15,000 requests per month by paying 99.9$:
  1. Google search scraper
  2. Yahoo Search API
  3. Bing search API
  4. Yandex search API
  5. Ask search API
  6. DuckDuckGo search API

All-SERP has paid attention to hire not only high educated and professional engineers but also hire committed and responsible ones.

All-SERP is not just a company or a simple provider of business improvement tools, it is an organized and professional community full of innovative minds, trying their best to deliver incredible value and surpass competitors.

We started creatively and aim to remain different. Any new strategy and method for SERP scraping is well appreciated in All-SERP.

The latest technology always is used for online Google scraping. That’s why we have become a high ranked online web scraper of the market.