SERP Scraper

What is SERP scraper?

How to scrap SERP results ? Easily by a SERP scraper! Briefly SERP scraper or SERP API scrapes search engine results instantly, programmatically and at scale. SERP scrapers are used to build software and apps or to do different types of analysis. You may ask what SERP is. SERP or search engine results pages are the web pages demonstrated to you after searching a term in search engines like Google. These web pages have websites with relevant data and information that are located based on their rankings. The highest ranked websites is shown at the top of the first page of SERP and the second high ranked in the second place and so on. SERP scraper scans search engines’ data to find the information that the user has asked and to deliver it to the user in HTML, CSV or JSON formats. SERP scraper is used to power SEO apps and services. If you need lots of searches each month and need a lot of data right away, remember SERP scrapers. In other words a SERP scraper provides web-scraped data from public domain sources. It increases the speed of your searches and saves time.

Google search scraper

Google search results API or Google search scraper is the API for Google SERP and is designed to scrape Google search results in real time. You can build your own programmable search engine through a Google search scraper- a search engine that can return results from a certain site or from multiple sites. “Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. It is considered one of the big four technology companies along with Amazon, Facebook, and Apple” as mentioned in Wikipedia . Google has become the go-to default search engine for most of the people across the world with lots of interesting services like emails, maps and so on. To get Google SERP API of All-SERP, visit

Manual SERP scraping or automatic SERP scrapers- which one do you prefer?

Do you prefer to use automatic SERP scrapers or manual SERP scraping? Which one is more affordable? Which one is faster? Manual SERP scraping is very time consuming while automatic SERP scrapers are fast and answers to bulk requests in only minutes. Your employees can use their invaluable time for many other more important tasks rather than SERP scraping manually. Also manual SERP scraping is restricted and limited by search engines. For instance Google lets the users to perform a limited number of searches per day and bulk queries cannot be done manually. However this problem has been solved in SERP scrapers. They let the users to search as many key words as they like and has the ability to perform searches at scale. If you use a SERP scraper like All-SERP, you can be sure of the premium quality results too. It guarantees to provide accurate and trustworthy data in minutes. Fast answer to queries, time saving, accurate information and no limitation are the benefits of using All-SERP SERP scraper. With the help of All-SERP, easily link your apps and services with a few clicks, so they can share data. The rest of this article provides more invaluable information about All-SERP SERP scraper.

What is SERP scraper usage?

Mainly data miners use SERP scraper to collect information and data from search engines. They harvest large amount of data by SERP scrapers. And mostly they scrape Google search results as the first and main search engine of the world. In addition to SEO teams and data mining companies, other experts like content writers, link builders, digital marketers, webmasters, website developers, and etc. also use SERP scrapers.

All-SERP SERP scraper

To access Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo SERPs organic and paid data, All-SERP is the best choice. Over 99% of success rate has made All-SERP the most reliable SERP scraper of the market. For anyone who looks for a SERP scraper that provides instant results, All-SERP SERP scraper is the best choice. All-SERP SERP scrapers mimic human search behavior in data searching with the help of artificial intelligence to provide fresh and real data. It is worth mentioning that all specific locations and languages are supported. All-SERP SERP scraper handles the complexity of proxies and solves Captchas automatically in seconds. Trusted by thousands of organizations, from startup to enterprise, All-SERP SERP scraper is the best tool for automatic SERP scraping. For the developers, it is really easy to work with All-SERP SERP scraper quickly. We recommend you to spend time on building business value, rather than the long process of data extraction.

All-SERP Google search scraper

Google search scraper is the most famous tool of All-SERP through which you can scrape Google search results fast and reliably. Google is the most famous search engine of the market which has the most visitors and users among all search engines. Therefore many people are in search of API for Google SERP . All-SERP professional company has hired experienced and talented experts and professionals to build the best and the most updated Google search scraper of the market through which SERP scraping and data extraction be easy and extremely fast. Time-savings, scalability, and reliability are the gifts of All-SERP SERP scrapers to the users. Build meaningful and smart connections with applications and websites through All-SERP.

What kind of data does All-SERP SERP scraper provide?

All-SERP SERP scraper can scrape Google or other search engines’ images, videos, knowledge graphs, maps, advertisements, translations, local data, news, shopping data, events, snippet, people also ask, people also search, and SERP rankings. It provides full search engine coverage. As mentioned before, All-SERP SERP scraper covers 5 important search engines including Google, Yahoo, Ask, DuckDuckGo, and Bing. It parses data from famous and significant search engines.

All-SERP SERP scraper features


Whether you need keyword analysis or localized search option, All-SERP SERP scraper can help you. All-SERP SERP scrapers support five search engines simultaneously. It has the following professional services: Google SERP API, Yahoo SERP API, Bing SERP API, DuckDuckGO SERP API and Ask SERP API. It extracts various kinds of data that the user asks like images, videos, maps, locations, translations, ads, local data, knowledge graphs, news, events and so on. All-SERP SERP scrapers are the easy automation tools for busy persons. All-SERP moves data between your applications automatically, so it lets you focus on more important tasks and parts of your job.

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