Nowadays, API has influenced the modern world and networks. They are the most amazing and usable programming interfaces that are necessary. API stands for Application Programming Interface. With the help of API, you can easily sign in to your email account with your smartphone, or log in to your account with a client without using social networking sites. Before that the computer systems develop in various industries, “human” was considered as the person who is supposed to deal with computer software. But with the developing technology, it was felt that instead of human interaction with software, the software itself could interact without human intervention. This was the time that API appeared.

Why do we need API?

This question may have a simple answer: Communication”.

APIs implements communication between different software. For example in your PC or laptop, when you copy a text from Microsoft Word and paste it in Excel or anywhere else, API is doing that. Without APIs no communication between software programs is available.

On the web, APIs can communicate Google, Facebook, and others to apps or websites. For example, “Yelp” has a huge database of restaurants and shopping malls. Surely, designing and implementing such a service requires much time, energy and is so complicated; but API makes it easy with connecting Yelp to Google Maps, (as well as Apple map service) and combining the performance of these services. In some video games too, API is applied.

Fortunately, APIs provide a secure, safe and useful connection by defining how services or software interact with one another. Generally, APIs play a crucial role in communication. It’s because of APIs you can save your level in a game on your phone and play the same level in another device.

What is Scraper API

It is sometimes difficult to find information, even in the information and communication age that we live in. millions of people around the world are searching online. The most used search engine is “Google”. There is some other search engine but Google is the used engine that people use.

Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. However, finding information can be so hard even with Google. Moreover, Google has limitations and doesn’t let you search as many as you want. If you are a normal individual who searches normally, it has no problem for you. But if you are a developer or a person who has a website and wants to publish extracted information, you will have problems with Google search API , Bing SERP API or other search engines in extracting and scraping information online.

What is scraping

Scraping is a way of collecting information from the Internet. It can be done with software that simulates human Web surfing to collect specified bits of information from different websites. Scraping information is somehow a kind of data mining and information extraction. There are many examples of scraping, such as weather reports, market pricing, or any other data. Or maybe you want to have a search box (that browse through the internet) on your website, that allows people to search the Internet. But Google has a limitation for the automatic and permanent search for every individual person. So you have to scrape Google , and all it needs is a SERP API. With the power of the ALL-SERP server, you’re able to scrape all the data you’re looking for. Our web search engine API is designed to remove the limitation of searches; whether Google search API or Bing SERP API or any other search engines.


As mentioned before, Google does not allow you to search limitless, so you need someone to help you. ALL-SERP will help you to remove this limitation. We have 6 search engines: Google, Ask, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, and Duckduckgo. In other words, our speed in scraping Google and five other search engine results is very high and delay is very low.

Let’s take an example, consider there is a very big house and you want to find your watch there. There is a strong man who is very expert in searching and finding lost stuff. But you cannot tell him to search for you more than once a day. He searches and finds your lost stuff only once a day. So, now there is a Company that has convinced him to search and find your missing things, whatever you want, whenever you want and as many times as you want. Twice a day, three, four, ten, one hundred or even one thousand searches per day. But there is one other service the company has provided for you. ALL-SERP also has hired five more people to help this strong man. They are not as strong as the man, and of course, they are not as expert as the man in finding lost and missing stuff, but they can be useful.

So, let’s back to reality. The strong man is Google, and the other persons are other search engines (Ask, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, and Duckduckgo). The company that convinced the strong man to search and find your stuff as many times as you want, and hired five more persons to help the strong man, is ALL-SERP.

So, clearly, you can see that ALL-SERP provides services in high quality and at an affordable and reasonable price. Infinite and unlimited number of queries can be done by ALL-SERP ’s SERP API, Google Search API, Bing search API, Ask search API, Yahoo search API, and Duckduckgo search API. We search API without any restrictions. So do not waste your time. Just let us help you.

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