Scrape Google search results

How do you scrape Google search results?

To scrape Google search results, automatic tools like SERP scrapers are the best way. Previously many people performed manual SERP scraping which was really time consuming. Scraping Google search results manually is also restricted by search engines like Google. Google, Bing and other famous search engines do not allow users to do searches at scale. For bulk queries SERP scrapers are the best choice. SERP stands for search engine results pages. Google SERP scrapers also scrape Google search results in minutes and with no latency. Now which one do you prefer? Do you want to waste your time and energy for manual SERP scraping and being blocked? Or do you prefer to use automatic tools to scrape Google search results in only a few minutes with no blocking and restriction?

Scrape Google search results by All-SERP

All-SERP is a professional tool which scrapes Google search results programmatically and automatically with no stop and pause. All-SERP parses all rich structured data for the users with low latency. All-SERP powerful cloud infrastructure is built to bypass and stop all search engine restrictions and limitations. All-SERP scrapes any kind of Google search results that the user asks. It can be images, video, knowledge graphs, events, local data, maps, locations, translations, shopping, ads and SERP position checking. It has powerful Google image SERP API, Google SERP position API, Google news search API, Google videos search API, Google shopping search API, Google event search API, Google local search API, Google knowledge graph search API, Google ads search API, and Google maps search API. For instance the Google image search API of All-SERP finds and extracts images’ thumbnails, image URLs, website info, image metadata and so on from the Google. Or the Google video search API scrapes Google to find creator, encoding format, video length, view count, and much more info about videos. All service of All-SERP to scrape Google search results are rapid, reliable, accurate and experience no blocking! This is what any professional SEO agency, data miner, digital marketer, content writer, and link builders need.

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All-SERP features

Other services of All-SERP

Google is not the only search engine being scraped by All-SERP! All-SERP can also scrape Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Ask search engine results in minutes. Yahoo SERP API, DuckDuckGo SERP API, Ask SERP API, Bing SERP API and Google SERP API are the whole automatic SERP scrapers of All-SERP.

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