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No Limitation with our Google SERP API

Google: the Best Search Engine Ever

Google web search engine launched on 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in USA is the most widely used and the most famous search engine worldwide. Whether young or old, American or non-American, most of individuals, private and government-owned companies are familiar with Google search engine and use it continuously in their daily private lives or for working purposes.  You can search a scientific topic like “aquatic toxicology” or a simple one like “vegetarian food recipes” in Google, no difference, anything you wish to get information about is easily searchable in Google search engine with a single click of mouse! Google provides fast, secure and reliable results for anyone who trusts Google search engine.

Google offers various services including image searches, map searches, video searches, news searches, and so on. It is still the king of all search engines by a continuous process of improving its search algorithms. The persistent Google search engine optimization has caused Google to beat all other competitors including Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Ask, Yandex and so on. It can be claimed that the search engine field has experienced many significant improvements with the help of Google.

More than 70% of the search market share is related to Google search engine! Yes, that’s surprising. Also Google captures about 85% of mobile traffic. Google search engine is providing the most relevant results compared with other search engines. It applies various file formats like PDF, doc file, excel file and etc. Moreover Google assists all SEO that want to optimize their site, develop their rankings in SERP (search engine results page) and finally boost and facilitate their business. That’s the reason that Google is a SEO friendly search engine! It has provided Google Adwords as a simple way for business facilitation and advancement. Google helps companies to boost their business; instructors, students, scientists and experts to learn and share their knowledge; and entertain any person from kids to old ones. Google is designed to make your daily private life easier and more enjoyable and assists your business to flourish!

The Best Google Search API by ALL-SERP

ALL-SERP with many years of experience, skill and knowledge has been removed all restrictions and allows clients to get wide and deep Google search results from our rapid, perfect, easy to use, and comprehensive API. We aim to strengthen innovation in the search industry and facilitate your business. Every day millions of queries are supported by ALL-SERP to build and develop various websites and applications.

It’s worth mentioning that Google search API is not the only service provided by ALL-SERP . All large companies and start-ups in any part of the world can utilize our services including Yahoo search API, Bing search API, Duckduckgo Search API, Ask search API, and Yandex search API with affordable prices.

Many companies need to search more than what search engines allow them. Based on your business you may need thousand daily searches on Google but this search engine limits its users to a specific number of searches per day. ALL-SERP solves this problem by providing a unique Google search API which serves the following features:

  • Daily Infinite Queries
  • No restriction and limitation
  • Pervasive support
  • Perfect human imitation
  • Quick and no need to wait for results
  • Affordable and reasonable prices
  • Organized results according to country, city, nationality and any other group that you order
  • Valid and reliable
  • Available internationally
  • No interuption

Due to the global popularity of Google, ALL-SERP ’s Google search API is the most requested service of our firm. But as a customer-oriented company, we also have provided the following services for all global clients in any part of the world at best prices:

  1. Yahoo Search API: Yahoo was a giant search engine in the 1990s and is still well appreciated by many users across the globe but it could not beat Google as the record maker search engine. However many people still enjoy to search in Yahoo so  our Yahoo search API is established to supply structured data for you in few seconds.
  2. Bing Search API: Microsoft owns Bing search engine and it is among the 50 sites with the most number of visits globally. The appearance of Bing search engine is similar to Google. It provides rewards which give you some points as soon as you search or shop on Bing search engine and then can use them for gift cards, nonprofit donations, and so on. ALL-SERP prepares the best Bing search API for anyone who wants no limitation in number of Bing searches and needs reliable and organized data.
  3. Duckduckgo Search API: Duckduckgo slogan is that we do not track the users unlike other search engines that track you the whole time even if you are in private mode. As Duckduckgo believes it’s the main difference of it with other search engines. All clients can scrape Duckduckgo search results from the rapid, thorough, and professional API provided by ALL-SERP.
  4. Ask Search API: Ask search engine, created in 1996, finds results in other search engines, collect them and finally display them. We are able to support clients with the best Ask search API service of the market at reasonable prices.
  5. Yandex Search API: Google is the preferred search engine in most parts of the world but not everywhere! 55% of Russian residents usually prefer to utilize a Yandex search engine instead of Google.

CNBC declared “Like Google, Yandex is so much more than a search engine. It offers email, cloud, and online payment services, streaming music, news aggregation, and live traffic maps”

ALL-SERP provides the best Yandex search API available in the global market which is fast, secure, reliable, and lets you search as many as you wish without any concern. No limitation and no restriction is the gift of our Yandex search API to international clients.

Google search API- Business Facilitator: Google as the best search engine and the most used search engine worldwide encouraged ALL-SERP to create the best Google search API of the market for anyone who wishes to get unlimited Google search results from our comprehensive and quick API. No interruption, quick response, no limitation, and affordable rates made our Google search API different from other SERP API.

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