Is SERP API free?

All-SERP SERP API provides 25 free requests for every new user. After that the user must purchase All-SERP services at best competitive rates. All-SERP has provided various pricing plans and packages for different needs and requirements. Based on your requirement you can select any of them you prefer. All-SERP SERP API is the most economic and affordable SERP scraper of the market as its recommended prices is less than other competitors while the quality is premium and great. High data accuracy rate, competitive prices, fast speed and an easy to use website have created a famous and reliable SERP scraper found nowhere.

Stop manual SERP scraping!

Manual SERP scraping is free but it is a long and boring process. Also manual bulk SERP scraping is blocked by search engines. Each search engine like Google and Yahoo blocks the user after a certain number of data extractions. You may be blocked after 5 times or 10 times. It depends on the rules of the search engine you use. The important point is that you will lastly be blocked. However the solution is easy! All-SERP SERP API or SERP scraper has solved the problem of limitation and block. By All-SERP SERP API as many request as you have are answered in minutes and with no latency. Your bulk queries are provided in the shortest possible time and with no block.

All-SERP services

The main search engine supported by All-SERP is Google. It mines Google and extracts data from Google search engine in minutes. It has a powerful image search API, video search API, local data search API, knowledge graph search API, shopping data search API, price SERP API, location SERP API, maps search API, text search API, and etc. Moreover All-SERP ability to harvest data from Bing, Ask, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo is wonderful. It checks all these search engines in minutes and extracts any kind of data that the user needs like image, video, map and so on. All-SERP search engine scraping is performed in only a few minutes and with no stop and no pause.

All-SERP features

All-SERP services are faster than similar tools as they use the latest algorithms and technologies of data extraction updated daily. All-SERP guarantees to provide accurate and reliable information. It both provides organic and paid results. Solving Captchas and handling proxies are the main features of All-SERP. It supports all languages and countries. This is a simple to use SERP API with no pause and break. A clear, mobile friendly and easy to use website has helped the users of All-SERP to meet their requirements fast and enjoy this high speed process. It is worth mentioning that all programing languages are supported in All-SERP.

The last word!

The user must pay money for automatic data extraction of All-SERP but it is worth mentioning that not only All-SERP saves time significantly but also stops restrictions and limitations. You can be sure that no block happens. All-SERP is a simple to use, fast, affordable, accurate and reliable SERP API ready to help any user in search of a premium quality data extractor.

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