Google shopping search API


Simply put, Google shopping search API allows the user to integrate his/her applications with Google Merchant Center. This helps the users to programmatically control their products, services, inventory, orders, accounts, and so on. Google shopping search API scrapes Google SERPs to find the data related to shopping and purchase. SERPs or search engine results pages are the web pages shown to users after searching a word or phrase in Google. API or Application Programming Interface is also a group of defined ways of communication between various software components. Google shopping search API lets software developers create applications to search for products and services. Service or product comparison apps can also be created with the help of Google shopping search API. Let us take a look at what Google search API is and get more information about Google shopping search API.

Google search API

Google search engine is so massive that people often do not know how to extract data from it. Also the users cannot do bulk data extraction as Google stops them and limits them. Each user can scrap a limited number of key words manually per day. Here Google search API or Google SERP API has been created to assist them! scrape Google and get data from any location in real time by sending requests to a Google search API. Build your applications, websites, and services on the same infrastructure as Google. For instance SEO specialists are always and every day in search of particular keywords to scrape their data for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. Even if we imagine that Google allows them to make bulk requests, what about their time? How much time do they need every day for data extraction? Or its better to say how much of their time is wasted in this long process?

Google Shopping search API

Google shopping search API is used to scrape Google SERP shopping data at scale, powered by a global proxy network with built-in CAPTCHA solving. For instance a Google shopping search API collects and shows the real time price data of Google shopping offers.

All-SERP Google shopping search API

All-SERP has developed a powerful Google shopping search API to provide useful shopping data for sellers and buyers. Unlimited number of searches with simple integration is possible through All-SERP. Meeting all standard query parameters, Google shopping search API of All-SERP is the best choice! All-SERP enables you to scrape language and location specific shopping search results.

All-SERP Google shopping search API features

Other search engines supported by All-SERP

In addition to Google, All-SERP supports other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and DuckDuckGo. Powerful Yahoo SERP API , Bing search API, Duckduckgo SERP API and Ask search API are the tools created by All-SERP for data extraction from the mentioned search engines. All these services are provided at best rates and let you experience a high speed and reliable data scraping at the shortest possible time. Enjoy it!

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