Google search scraper

What is Google search scraper?

Google search scraper or Google SERP scraper is the only fast method of SERP scraping with which bulk searches can be done fast and in real time with no latency and accurately. Google search scraper extracts underlying HTML code and, with it, data stored in a database. The scraper can then use the entire web content anywhere he wants. A variety of digital businesses use Google search scrapers like data miners, webmasters, digital marketers or SEO specialist. They use Google search scrapers to harvest information in real time and with no stop and pause. You may choose to do Google SERP scraping manually but do you know that Google blocks you after a few numbers of searches. Google allows users to do only a limited number of searches per hour and per day. After that you get blocked! However Google search scrapers have solved this problem. It is an automatic tool through which SERP scraping is done with no limit and no restriction. Also it takes so much time to do manual web scraping while Google search scraper is a rapid tool performs scraping in minutes. It is worth mentioning that Google and other search engines constantly update their algorithms and SERP structure. Google search scrapers are updated daily to coordinate themselves with any changes in search engines.

All-SERP Google search scraper

Scraping search engine results pages is an efficient digital marketing method. With the data you get, you can analyze the results of your online marketing campaigns and find opportunities to enhance your strategies. All-SERP has a professional tool that scrapes Google search results in real time. The Google search scraper of All-SERP extracts Google images, news, maps, translations, prices, emails, knowledge graphs, local data, shopping information and etc. Google search scraper of All-SERP has powerful Google image search API, Google news search API, Google videos search API, Google shopping search API, Google event search API, Google local search API, Google knowledge graph search API, Google ads search API, and Google maps search API. Market research companies, digital marketers, and SEO specialists are the main users of All-SERP Google search scraper. With Google search scrapers, you can easily and comfortably fetch the SERPs data programmatically and integrate them into your apps and software. It is one of the fastest Google search scrapers that are currently available. It offers endpoints for all available search types.

All-SERP Google search scraper features

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