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Infinite Queries by our Web Search API

The Best Web Search API by All-SERP:

Technology is the driving force of modification. It accompanies our daily lives, at home or office, everywhere has embraced us. The boost of science and technology during the 21st century has played a significant role in the quality of our lives and businesses.  It supports the lives to be easier and more enjoyable and the businesses more beneficial and professional. Human’s life accompanied by technology has become full of boundless facilities that develop the economy, remove limitations and speed up the success.

All-SERP with many years of experience in information technology (IT) is always looking for new creative ways to make businesses simpler, more effective, beneficial and independent. Our web search APIs like Goole search API, Yahoo search API, Bing search API, Duckduckgo search API, Ask search API, and Yandex search API is well-known and appreciated by international clients as they meet quality at affordable rates.

Our web search engine API is designed to remove the limitation of searches. Infinite and unlimited number of queries can be done by All-SERP’s web search API without any restrictions. Our experts continuously and professionally update the services, provide the best web search APIs and support potential clients in all steps.    What made our web search APIs different from others is the matter of quality plus the affordable price. Free web search APIs are extended widely but do not guarantee to provide quality which is the main purpose of All-SERP. Our firm started strongly and eagerly. All our experts try hard and do their best to not only retain this level of professionalism but also upgrade and optimize it.  Our web searches APIs are rapid and no waiting time is required for the results. All-SERP certifies to provide the results in any type of group that the client asks, based on country, state, nationality, city, and so on. Our reliable and authentic data is ready for all international clients with the best prices.

Google Web Search API

Google is the most used search engine worldwide. American Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 created Google which soon crossed the borders and became the first search choice of Americans and non-Americans.  A Housewife in search of a food recipe, an instructor in search of science, a manufacturer in search of buyers, a kid wishes to play online games, or an old man likes to follow the latest political news can all use Google search engine and enjoy the high speed of accessing the most relevant results. Image searches, map searches, video searches, and news searches are some of the famous services provided by Google.

Google is SEO friendly, helping to improve the rankings in SERP (search engine results page) and business-friendly as it prepares Adwords for business developments. It is a file friendly search engine that supports various accepted file formats like PDF, doc file, and excel file.

According to Statcounter, the Google search engine global market share was 92.95% in November 2019 which was 92.37% in November 2018. After Google, Bing with 2.32% of market share worldwide in November 2019 is in second place and Yahoo with 1.6% in the same period is in third place. Baidu and Yandex are in the fourth and fifth stages, each one respectively with 0.83% and 0.55% of market share. The global usage and popularity of Google made All-SERP create Google web search API for anyone who wishes to search unlimitedly and without interruption. We are working days and nights to satisfy the clients and gain their trust. We invite all potential clients who need a professional Google search API to call our experts and guarantee their business success.

Bing Web Search API

Bing search engine is operated by Microsoft and was the second most used search engine in November 2019 which allocates 2.32% of global searches to itself which was 2.37% in November 2018. Bing search engine’s design is similar to Google but unlike the best search engine of the world, it gives “Awards” to users in the response to their shopping or searching that can be used for nonprofit donations or gift cards. The best Bing web search API is designed and performed by All-SERP for any potential client who needs infinite and unrestricted searching in the Bing search engine.

Yahoo Web Search API

Yahoo is the third used search engine worldwide. Yahoo’s global market share experienced a bearish trend and plummet from 2.25% in November 2018 to 1.6% in the same period of 2019. Though Yahoo was a powerful search engine in the 1990s, today significantly has lost its value and couldn’t beat Google search engine which continuously updates its algorithms according to the market’s situation and preferences. All-SERP is providing the best Yahoo web search API to help to increase the daily queries per IP address to an unlimited number. We are ready to organize the results in any ordered groups based on country, state, city, and so on.

Duckduckgo Web Search API

Duckduckgo with only one search page (a clean interface) is the only search engine that does not track the users! It’s a safe, secure source of information that does not save the information of users. If you look for the best Duckduckgo search API of the market, please kindly call All-SERP’s experts for a free consultation.

Ask Web Search API

In 1997, Ask Jeeve’s search engine was created with the picture of a virtual man who was able to answer all questions. In 2006 the name was changed to Ask search engine, able to search images, news, maps, weather, blogs, and so on. Ask search engine aggregates results from other search engines and shows a list of answers. Ask search engine is very simple compared with other search engines that have lots of options and seem difficult for beginners or old people. Ask search engine was famous for its capability to search in natural language (the language you apply when talking to a person). The best Ask search API is provided by All-SERP, ready to remove search restrictions and interruptions in the Ask search engine.

Yandex Web Search API

Yandex search engine is used widely in Russia, even more than Google! Like Google, it provides Email, online payment services, music, news, traffic maps, and many other services for its users. Due to the fame of Yandex, All-SERP created the best Yandex search API of the market to remove search limitations.

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