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Shortly Google search API or Google search scraper is a tool created to scrape Google search engine results pages in real time. To know more about SERP and different kinds of SERP scraping, read the rest of this article. SERP stands for search engine results pages. When you search a word or phrase in any search engine, the results are shown in a list of internet pages which are known as SERP. Each page of SERP contains around 10 websites located based on their rankings.

SERP is unique for each search query. It is significant because the higher a website ranks, the more users will click on that website and finally the more benefit is given to the company behind that website. Now how do you scrape Google search engine SERPs as the most famous search engine of the world? What tools do you use to access data of Google? Do you use manual methods? Isn’t there any other automatic tool to do it faster and with no limitation? Is bulk SERP scraping possible through manual ways? What is Google SERP position API? How does Google SERP checker API work? What is the best tool as a Google image search API? Is there any reliable Google news search API? What do you know about Google videos search APIs? What do Google shopping search API, Google event search APIGoogle event search API, Google local search API, Google knowledge graph search API , Google ads search API, and Google maps search APIs exactly do? The rest of this article answers to all these questions!

Manual SERP scraping

SERP scraping can be done manually but Google and other search engines may block or restrict you. Search engines limit the users in number of searches and do not allow lots of requests to be done. In other words manual bulk SERP scraping is limited. Manual SERP scraping was trustworthy and simple in the past but today NO! Accurate results are not given to you as many parameters affect your process of SERP scraping including search history, device, and even location influence the process. Glorious incognito mode is also not reliable. Even if search engines do not block you and even if you can find reliable data by manually SERP scraping, it is a time wasting process and a lot of manual work! Never waste your time on such jobs while there are automatic tools created for this purpose! Concentrate on more important aspects of your business!

Automatic SERP scraping

The second way of SERP scraping is to do it by automatic tools created specifically for the process of SERP data scraping. It is done with the tools known as SERP scraper, SERP API or search API. In fact SERP APIs handle proxies, solve any kind of captcha, and parse any rich data for the user. There is no need to have any hardcore coding knowledge. Everything is done automatically. They save the users’ time and release their staff for other significant tasks. Also they provide accurate results more reliable than the data gathered in manual SERP scraping.


Google search API is designed and created exclusively to scrape Google search engine. Undoubtedly Google is the best and the most popular search engine of the world. It is very famous that it's many times larger than all other globe’s search engines combined! Many bloggers, content writers, SEO teams, PPC specialists, sales teams, and digital marketers are in search of high quality Google search APIs to find rich and structured data for their jobs.

All-SERP Google search API

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