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Google news search API is the automatic tool created to extract the worldwide news recorded in Google SERPs (search engine results pages) in real time. It allows users to search articles from top news sources in different languages. A variety of sources are supported. SERPs are full of web data which are shown in form of web pages, each one with about 10 websites mentioned based on their rankings. The highest ranked website is recorded as the first demonstrated website, the second highest ranked is in the second place and so on. How do you perform SERP scraping ? Do you use any tool and gadgets? If not how can be sure of their correctness and accuracy? What about the speed of SERP scraping? Isn’t it so time consuming to do manual SERP scraping? How much time do you usually spend for manual data extraction from Google? Isn’t it better to try automatic Google SERP APIs? What is your plan for not becoming blocked by Google in manual SERP scraping? Before explaining Google news search API, let us take a look at Google SERP API generally.

What is Google SERP API?

Google SERP API or Google SERP scraper allows programmers of various skills access to Google search information. Any Google web page, images, ads, Knowledge graphs, events, videos, news, translations, News, shopping data and etc. can be scraped by Google SERP APIs. Google SERP API generates any kind of data that the user needs in real time while manually SERP scraping takes a long time to be completed. Also Google limits users and do not permit to perform bulk searches. This has encouraged the users to apply automatic tools like Google SERP APIs to do bulk SERP scraping.

What is Google news SERP API?

Google news SERP API is designed exclusively to extract news data of Google search engine. Real-time and bulk news results can be provided only through Google news SERP APIs. Unlike manual SERP scraping, they do not become blocked. Your time is also saved significantly. If you choose a reliable Google news search API like All-SERP, you can be sure of the quality and premium results.

All-SERP Google news search API

All-SERP Google news search API provides top news headlines, which the user can filter by topic such as world, business, sports, art, economy, and so on. To integrate news into your applications, All-SERP Google news search API is the best choice. The user can choose any location and language to get Google News data of that specific language and location by All-SERP Google news search API.

All-SERP Google news search API features

Other services of All-SERP

Google SERP API of All-SERP also extracts video, News, events, images and many other data that the user asks in seconds. Google SERP position API, Google Image SERP API, Google video SERP API, Google event search API, Google knowledge graph search API, Google local search API, Google shopping search API, Google ads search API, Google News search API and so on are some of the tools created by All-SERP for SERP scraping. All-SERP is a real-time SERP API or SERP scraper for not only Google, but also Bing, Yahoo, Ask and DuckDuckGo. Supporting 5 search engines meets all requirements and expectations.

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