Google maps search API


Google maps search API or Google maps SERP API is a tool created to extract Google’s maps, routes, and places. Google maps search API creates immersive location data to make better business decisions with valid and correct information. API (application programming interface) is a connection between computers or between apps and programs. SERP is also the web pages returns back when the user searches for a key word. Google maps SERP API finds the data related to maps and locations from Google. There also tools that can scrap maps data from Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and other famous search engines too.

Google search API

To develop websites and applications that contain Google search results, a Google search API or Google search scraper is needed. Google search API scrapes any kind of data that the user asks just by searching a key word. You can search the name of a place in Google search API or search the name of a food- any data you need can be extracted from Google and used in your apps and websites. Please bear in mind that Google does not allow users to do manual SERP scraping. Manual SERP scraping cannot be performed in bulk and is limited. Only a few numbers of requests are answered per day by manual Google SERP scraping .

Google maps search API

Google maps search API is a web service that returns information about a set of places, locations, distances and routes in real time. It scrapes Google for the mentioned names. For instance if you need all of the gas station information in a specific city by text search in your application; you can use Google maps search API. You may need the location of hotels in a country to be added to your website. All-SERP Google maps search API can do it for you.

All-SERP Google maps search API

All-SERP Google maps search API allows users to scrape SERP results from a Google maps search or places query. Maps SERP scraping in real time and accurately is one of the arts of All-SERP. All-SERP Google maps search API supports geocoding, search, and distance APIs with premium-quality address and place data. All-SERP Google maps search API is a robust gadget that can be applied to make a custom or searchable map, and check-in functions. It can be used to display live data synching with location, and routes. Moreover it can scrap Google ads, images, videos, knowledge graphs, Maps data, events, and so on. They are known as Google SERP position API, Google Image SERP API, Google news SERP API, Google videos SERP API, Google shopping search API, Google event search API, Google Maps search API, Google knowledge graph search API, Google ads search API, and Google maps search API.

All-SERP Google maps search API features

Other All-SERP search engine APIs

All-SERP is not only a Google search API. It can scrape Yahoo, Bing, Ask and DuckDuckGo. Yahoo search API, Bing search API, Ask search API and Duckduckgo search API are the names of these tools. The whole search APIs of All-SERP can scrap any kind of data that the user asks from images, videos, events, knowledge graphs, Maps data, and etc.

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