Google event search API


Google event search API is a kind of Google search API through which the events data stored in Google is scraped in real time. The Google event search API or the Google event SERP API allows the users to scrape events data from a regular Google search page. SERPs or search engine results pages are the web pages returns back after searching a key word in Google. There are 10 websites mentioned in each web page recorded based on their rankings. API or Application Programming Interface is also known as a connection between computers or between computer programs and software. To know more about Google search API and Google event search API read the rest of this article.

Google search API

It's a common thing that SEO specialists look for ways to scrap data from Google search engines. But Google restrict the users and do not allow them to do bulk SERP scraping. Not only SEO specialist but also content teams, link builders, bloggers, and many other people are in search of automatic and real time data extraction tools from Google. So Google search API has been designed and created to do bulk and unlimited Google SERP scraping in real time. Google SERP APIs are also known as Google SERP scraper, or Google search API. Not important what the name of this wonderful tool is, what is important is its functionality and high speed to scrape Google results accurately and in the shortest possible time.

Google event search API

The events recorded in Google can be scraped by a Google event search API. Google daily keeps on changing its SERP algorithms, therefore it’s necessary to scrape search results and events via reliable tools and services. In the rest we offer you one of the best tools and services created to scrape Google SERPs’ events in real time.

All-SERP Google event search API

All-SSERP is the high performance Google event search API to effortlessly power your SEO apps and services. Getting started with All-SERP Google event search API is simple and the results are provided rapidly and with no latency. Real-time data scraping through which both JSON and HTML results are available.

All-SERP Google event search API features

What about other search engines?

SERP structure and overall algorithms of all search engines are changed constantly. It is not related only to Google. All search engines including Yahoo, Ask, DuckDuckGo, and Bing limit the users and do not allow manual bulk SERP scraping while All-SERP has provided tools to extract bulk data from them in real time. These tools are known as Bing SERP API, DuckDuckGo SERP API, Ask SERP API, and Yahoo SERP API. No limitation in process of SERP scraping, high speed and accuracy are the gifts of these tools to users of All-SERP. Automating the process of checking SERP helps users to collect useful data in the shortest possible time.

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