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Scrape Google by our Google Search Result API

API is 1980s abbreviation of application programming interface which means “A set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service.” according to its definition in Lexico. mentioned:

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a tool set that programmers can use in helping them create software. A good API will have clear and concise commands that a programmer can use and reuse, so they don’t have to build everything over again.” It also adds “APIs are tools. They allow you as a programmer to deliver solid solutions fairly rapidly. If you have to rebuild everything from scratch every time, your solutions will be cumbersome. And they probably won’t work! If there’s an API for your particular need, use it!

APIs let applications and services to interact with each other. To understand it, please read the following examples:

  • Weather check: Every day many people write the name of their city and after that the word of “weather” in Google to check temperature, humidity, wind, precipitation and some other information and figures about their city. Google is not a weather analyzer; however it may be in future! So now it has to be connected to a third party, any website that is expertise in weather detection and forecast. This connection is done with the help of an API!
  • Flight check: Another good example is travel booking websites. They check hundreds or thousands of flights in real time to collect and show the related ones to the client’s destination which can be filtered based on different issues like price. How can this service find the cheapest flight for you? The answer is easy, with the help of APIs. API lets it to interact with third party websites. In other words, API helps it to be connected with various flight provider websites and enquire flight data and availabilities from them.
  • When you choose one of these flights, again an API confirms the trip with the provider they sourced it from.
  • LinkedIn check: you may need to find a certain company profile in LinkedIn, easily you can write its name and LinkedIn with the help of an API, finds all the names similar to the searched one and shows them. In fact this API translates what you have written and asked for LinkedIn, in a language readable for LinkedIn. The results are also shown through APIs to you.

As a conclusion, “API is a powerful tool that can help speed up your business operations, grow your brand’s reach, connect your shoppers to the products they want, and so much more.” according to bigcommerce.

What is Google search result API?

Google search result API is a tool designed by the professional engineers of All-SERP to scrape information in Google.

No need to say that Google is the most used search engine across the globe, an unlimited source of information. Whatever content you need is 99% available in Google. It benefits from strong and strict algorithms of Google helping it to rank websites which you can read more about it here in Google.

Many people may need unlimited amount of information from Google. Scraping data on Google is not an easy task. Linuxhint mentioned “Google comes down hard on any web scraping attempts, ensuring that scraping scripts do not even make as many 10 scrape requests in an hour before having the IP address banned.  This renders third party and personal web scraping scripts useless.”

However a Google search result API can do it for you. All-SERP has designed and created a powerful Google search result API to eliminate any restriction in Google search.

Our Google search result API helps you to get any required data without having to write any script to scrape the results page of a Google search. Through our Google search result API, we can have access to the end result without writing any code to scrape web pages.

Our Google search result API allows all newcomers or old users to have 25 free requests per month and if anyone needs more queries, various price plans are available as follow:

  • Small team price plan: it allows users to search 5,000 requests monthly not only in Google search result API but also in all following APIs:
    • Google search result API
    • Bing search API
    • DuckDuckGo search API
    • Yandex search API
    • Ask search API
  • Enterprise price plan: More queries are available in Enterprise plan. Users can search 15,000 items per month in all following APIs:
    • Google search result API
    • Bing search API
    • DuckDuckGo search API
    • Yandex search API
    • Ask search API

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What have made our Google search result API different?

  • All-SERP allows users to scrape Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Duckduckgo and Yandex search results from a fast, easy, and scalable API. It has various services including:
    • Google search API
    • Bing search API
    • DuckDuckGo search API
    • Yandex search API
    • Ask search API
  • The result of our Google search result API is provided fast and in real time.
  • Our Google search result API solves all captchas including images and recaptcha.  
  • The architecture of our Google search result API supports a distributed smart adaptive IP rotation using machine learning methods.
  • Our Google search result API rotates all requests with distributed hardware-based rotations on packet-level to avoid any blocking challenges.
  • It supports multiple programing languages including:
    • Javascript Google search API
    • Python Google search API
    • PHP Google search API
    • C# Google search API
    • Java Google search API
    • Ruby Google search API
    • Go Google search API
    • C Google search API
    • Ocaml Google search API
    • ObjectiveC Google search API
  • It is a great bulk Google search result API, lets users to put high volume requests in a Google spreadsheet file and use it to send the bulk requests to All-SERP’s API.

Other professional services of All-SERP

Google search result API is only one of the well-known tools of All-SERP. We have provided search result APIs for different top search engines as follow:

  • Bing search API: Bing is the Microsoft’s search engine, launched on 2009. According to Microsoft “Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, was created to not only provide search results, but also empower users to gain and use knowledge from the web. Described as a “decision engine,” the service featured a left-hand navigation menu, search results organized into categories, lists of related searches and a hover feature that let users preview webpages before visiting them. A successor to Microsoft’s Live Search, Bing was designed to provide more intelligent and relevant search results more quickly”. Our Bing search API is a great tool, eliminating any search limitation in Bing search engine. Very fast and accurately all you need is prepared with the help of All-SERP’s Bing search API.
  • DuckDuckGo search API: DuckDuckGo search engine focuses mainly on privacy, what matters for many users and is not well paid attention by many other search engines. On home page of DuckDuckGo, you can read this sentence: “We don’t store your personal information. Ever.” Also a line bellow says “Our privacy policy is simple: we don’t collect or share any of your personal information”. The concentration of DuckDuckGo search engine on the matter of privacy and information security has encouraged many people to make it as their first chosen search engine for everyday use.All-SERP allows users to search as many as they desire in its DuckDuckGo search API, a fast and secure way to get unlimited amount of information from this site.
  • Yandex search API: Yandex is a well-known search engine mostly used in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey. According to LiveInterent in January 2015 Yandex search generated 51.2% of all search traffic in Russia, higher than Google!. Russian users or anyone interested to work with Yandex can use our high quality Yandex search API to scrape an unlimited amount of information from this Russian search engine.
  • Ask search API: Ask search engine which originally was known as Ask Jeeves. Wikipedia explains it as “a question answering–focused e-business founded in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California.”
  • Our Ask search API allows any person who is interested in Ask search engine to have an unlimited search based on the desired country and language.

Call us today!

Our Google search result API is arguably the most used service of All-SERP which is related to the fame of Google. It provides you the best coverage with most competitive prices.

You can choose the language and the country of your searches in our Google search result API.

Our experts are responsive and ready to answer any kind of question, solve errors and add clarity and extra information.

Also a complete and in-detail tutorial helps users at any age and with any amount of knowledge to benefit from our Google search result API.

All-SERP is your knowledgeable Google search result API that provides value and quality timely and not just the lowest price. All-SERP is a fabulous Google search result API tool as:

  • It has great prompt services.
  • It provides high quality services.
  • It offers best rates of the market.
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Bing is one of the top ten search engines in the world and has the second market share of worlds most popular search engine after Google. This web search engine is owned by Microsoft Co., it was originally called MSN search. Later its name changed to Windows Live Search and latter Live Search. Bing includes search service for web, video, image and map.

serp, serp api, serp api tutorial, google serp api, yahoo serp api, yandex serp api, duckduckgo serp api, ask serp api, bing serp api, serp api price, serp api lowest price


Nowadays, API has influenced the modern world and networks. They are the most amazing and usable programming interfaces that are necessary. API stands for Application Programming Interface. With the help of API, you can easily sign in to your email account with your smartphone, or log in to your account with a client without using social networking sites.
Before that the computer systems develop in various industries, “human” was considered as the person who is supposed to deal with computer software. But with the developing technology, it was felt that instead of human interaction with software, the software itself could interact without human intervention. This was the time that API appeared.

serp, serp api, serp api tutorial, google serp api, yahoo serp api, yandex serp api, duckduckgo serp api, ask serp api, bing serp api, serp api price, serp api lowest price

No Limitation with our Google SERP API

Google web search engine launched on 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in USA is the most widely used and the most famous search engine worldwide. Whether young or old, American or non-American, most of individuals, private and government-owned companies are familiar with Google search engine and use it continuously in their daily private lives or for working purposes. You can search a scientific topic like “aquatic toxicology” or a simple one like “vegetarian food recipes” in Google, no difference, anything you wish to get information about is easily searchable in Google search engine with a single click of mouse! Google provides fast, secure and reliable results for anyone who trusts Google search engine.

serp, serp api, serp api tutorial, google serp api, yahoo serp api, yandex serp api, duckduckgo serp api, ask serp api, bing serp api, serp api price, serp api lowest price

Infinite Queries by our Web Search API

Technology is the driving force of modification. It accompanies our daily lives, at home or office, everywhere has embraced us. The boost of science and technology during the 21st century has played a significant role in the quality of our lives and businesses. It supports the lives to be easier and more enjoyable and the businesses more beneficial and professional. Human’s life accompanied by technology has become full of boundless facilities that develop the economy, remove limitations and speed up the success.