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Bing is one of the top ten search engines in the world and has the second market share of worlds most popular search engine after Google. This web search engine is owned by Microsoft Co., it was originally called MSN search. Later its name changed to Windows Live Search and latter Live Search. Bing includes search service for web, video, image and map.

Bing was launched in 2009 and is available in 40 languages. It is written in ASP.NET. According to recent statistics done in Autumn 2019, it has 2.34% and 5.29% of the market share. This share is in spite of the fact that it is the default search engine on Windows operating systems. In Alexa ranking, Bing is placed #30 of the most visited websites on the internet. The next ranked search engines are Yahoo, Baidu (in china), Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Ask, SOL, Wolfram Alpha and Internet Archive.

In Bing, the free query limit is 20,000 per month providing the users to use more custom search queries for their custom applications. However, the SEO specialists, digital marketing agencies, webmasters and web developers need more than that. As they need to collect and use data in order to integrate them within their applications. They need to have an outlook of the keywords searched and analysis of the data which ALL-SERP Bing SERP API provides them.

Now what is an SERP? In response to a keyword query, search engines display results in pages containing a title, a brief summary of the text and the link to the result webpage. These pages are called SERP. The aim of almost all the website owners is to rank higher on SERPs as to be more likely to be seen on the first few links of the searched query on the SERP. Hence one of the major tasks of the SEO specialists is to assist website owners in this regard.

API or the Application Program Interface here helps in SERPs data collection. Within each query request of SERP, search engine provides details of the keyword, location, language, link and a keyword related brief introduction. Hence the SERP API is the service used to access data of keyword search and domain analysis to get top results of SERPs. This data indicates search volume, origin, language and other similar details which are essential for specialists, in particular SEO specialists.

Another significant characteristic of SERP API service is its working real-time. Experts and specialists need domain analysis data and keyword research for their further approaches and steps in digital marketing area. This kind of data is therefore crucial for them and the more valid, quick and accurate are the data, the better performance they would have. This volume of data cannot be collected manually by doing single searches on the search engine. Performing single searches not only take a lot of time and is limited on the search engine to a specific number of queried per month, but also, they are not as detailed as the ones which can be attained through SERP API. ALL-SERP Bing SERP API provides the IT experts and SEO specialists the best and most accurate database for any keyword searched on Bing search engine promptly. As Bing is the world’s second popular search engine, its output data can play an important role in marketing approaches, strategies, content and data published in company’s online sources which an Information Technology expert takes over time. This information includes parameters related to the search query (search string), its geographic location, localization, search type, and many more which can be scraped through Bing SERP API.

Is Bing SERP API really necessary?

Today advances in technology specially in information technology has changed the world with all its boundaries to a global village. In this global village the goal of every business and company is customer satisfaction in their experience with one’s company. That is why website owners are eager to gather as much as useful and perfectly related information as possible. When services like ALL-SERP Bing SERP API come in to action, all the overwhelming information which are crucial for human use are no more tough to gather.

Bing SERP API is an interface or maybe a structure in which boxes of several kinds of questions are answered quick and brief. In Bing SERP API, the data is extracted, scraped and ready to make sense. Using Bing SERP API, allows scraping results from the Bing search engine. There are specific parameters which are aimed to be scrapped. These parameters include:

  1. Search Query
  2. Geographic Location
  3. Localization
  4. Search Type

The Bing SERP API is also capable of scraping others results such as Bing Images. It also serves for information which are relevant to the local pack. In a similar pattern, this interface scrapes, extracts and make sense of the information displayed through organic results rather than advertisement results. This data is invaluable for the experts to be able to find out on different aspects of their approaches to take.

In ALL-SERP Bing SERP API skill and knowledge of our experts have all come together to eliminate limits and provide expert users deep wide search results in Bing search engine. Moreover, ALL-SERP Bing SERP API is not the only interface we provide. In ALL-SERP we also provide SERP APIs for other search engines including Google, Duckduckgo, Ask and Yandex. Our services are offered in unbelievably reasonable prices. And this never means we trade quality for price.

There are many users, whether experts or not, who need to search for more than offered by search engines direct search provides. According to business area and type one may need to perform thousands of query searches per day which is not possible due to search engines query limit earlier discussed. ALL-SERP Bing SERP API is a necessity as:

  1. It eliminates the number limit of search queries per month
  2. It is promptness is a great aid in the rapid world we live in
  3. It offers perfect criteria flexibility
  4. It is cost effective and reasonable
  5. It offers classified and organized data under different subcategories of location, language, type and etc.
  6. It offers real and reliable data
  7. It works globally with no limit of origin and destination location
  8. It is accessible any time as it works 24/7
  9. It provides online support by the expert team

A brilliant approach to invaluable database

No one can neglect the competitive context of today’s world. Accordingly, the more facilitated and organized a company becomes, the better service they can offer to their customers and attain more competitive advantage. ALL-SERP Bing SERP API can give you a brilliant competitive advantage which may not be easily achieved through common methods. ALL-SERP also offers the similar service for the following search engines:

  1. Google SERP API: no need to be introduced as Google search engine is the worlds first and most popular search engine with over the stunning 81.5%-92.96% market share. Hence its SERP API can provide all-inclusive data which must not be neglected.
  2. Yahoo SERP API: a popular search engine and email service provider with market share of 1.64% and 2.04%. Yahoo is ranked as the third popular search engine which makes its SERP API valuable.
  3. Duckduckgo SERP API: according to Duckduckgo traffic statistics, they serve an average of 47 million searches daily, but they still could not attain a market share more than 0.5. there is something different about Duckduckgo, unlike major search engines, it does not have a search index of its own. Duckduckgo generates its search results using a variety of sources. That is, it depends on other sources such as Yelp, Bing, Yahoo and StackOverFlow to provide the results for queries.
  4. Ask SERP API: ASK, previously known as Ask Jeeves, holds an approximate 0.42% of the search market share. This search engine is based on a question/answer format in which most questions are answered by other users. however, it has general search functionality which lacks quality in comparison to Google or even Yahoo and Bing. Considering all, it IS a major search engine which SERP API is still worthy.
  5. Yandex SERP API: is originally a Russian multinational company specialized in internet-related product and services. Its search engine has the largest market share of search engines in Russia. Hence, Yandex SERP API is a valuable interface to reach data of the zone.

ALL-SERP range of valuable Digital Services

ALL-SERP is one of the Digital Marketing and IT pioneers providing a wide range of services to its customers. SERP API is one of our novel services which have been greatly welcomed by our customers worldwide. In ALL-SERP we value our customers and respect them as our only real property.

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